Al Shifa was opened before me along with an ocean of hope and aspiration and a little bit of nervousness. Before stepping into this door of knowledge and achievements, I stood before the gates, wondering what made me choose this place which was totally new and unique. I didn't know how I would accomplish my aim of serving the mankind on joining Al Shifa. But all those confusions and dilemmas were in vain. Al Shifa has a spirit of confidence and well-being in its air, which helped the confused student inside me to breathe out my worries.

It has a green environment, which make us connect to the freshness and serve beauty of the nature. All the positive energies related in it really has an effect in every student here. The friendly attitude of the faculty members was one among the factors that attracts the students more intensely towards their goals. These excellent teachers give us a firm foundation to build up our goal and thereby shoot ourselves to the zenith of our dreams. Apart from the subject knowledge, they impart their experiences that motivate us to mend our personalities. If education is the tool to mould the future generation, the teachers are the mentors who would tell us at which point to mould ourselves.

It also has a plethora of opportunities to bring out the talented Singer, Dancer, Actor or the well spirited athlete within us. With its immense playgrounds, library clubs, artfests, cultural celebration, it also motivates to bring up and develop the inborn talent in us.

In fact Al Shifa College of Pharmacy is one among those reputed Colleges which was rooted with the aim of bringing their students to the heights of their students to the heights of their achievements and I am glad for being a part of it.

- by a student

College- the second phase of student life, in fact school being the first phase. A platform where an individual is moulded to achieve his/her dreams and aspirations.

We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be graduated or post graduated from such a renewed and well disciplined institution Al Shifa College of Pharmacy- a college well known for its experience and prestige in the field of Pharmacy.

Each of us happened to pass the Gates with the ambition of achieving or in fact conquering new heights in life.

Our initial days were extremely strange for us in a new atmosphere, away from parents, sittings, friends, functions, freedom and above all homely food and love. It was actually homesick days for us. Even during such days our mentors here were supportive enough to encourage us on our lows and to up life and comfort us from our grief and sorrows.

The college surrounding itself proves to be peaceful and soothes the mind with trees and life all around. Rather than simply a 3 storeyed building the college mesmerized us with various facilities that it provides, some of them are medicinal gardens nurturing various herbal varities. An Animal House maintaining common laboratory animals of study. A fully fledged analytical instrument room and 200 seat examination hall, a 150 seat lecture hall and seminar hall well maintaining badminton and volleyball court etc. above all the teaching faculty to mention needs no words to describe. They have proved to be the real life giver and pillars of the college.

Every year apart from academics , the college organizes various seminars, arts and cultural programmes,celebrates various times of year etc. we have an opportunity to be attending a Pharmacy week Rally in 2011 that made is very clear about our role in society. The college had even organized an exhibition in association with Pharmacy week that put together the effort of both the faculty and students to bring out the best.

Being Pharm D aspirants the second academic year brought out a different face of activities for us. We were assigned hospital ward rounds on every Tuesday and Wednesday which provides us a different perspective on our course and its wider applications. The publishing of Shifa ClinPharm a Quarterly newsletter also began this academic year and it has provided us an open window to the tridesand trends in Pharmacy. These activities continued in the upcoming years too. It was in 2013 that the college was granted an ISO 9001:2008 certification and the hospital was declared NABH accredited on 7thNovember 2013 by the very respected CM of state, Sri.OomenChandy The ISO certification for the college was declared by respected MLA , Sri.Manjalamkuzhi Ali.

The students also happen to celebrate various days like World TB day, World Diabetes day, World AIDS day etc. the students of Pharm D (2nd Batch) had performed a Street play on March 24, 2014- World TB day- this street play got accepted by the Hawaii University. Similarly, Pharm D (4th Batch) performed free Medical camp and Diabetes Screening on November 14 ,2014- World Diabetes day. Pharm D (1st Batch) distributed anti-filarial drugs among the public and also provided awareness against use of tobacco on World Tobacco day. Pharm D (2nd Batch) also performed a puppet show on November 28, 2014 against alcohol and drug abuse. These attempts have given us an opportunity to interact with the general public.

The campus is today a wifi-enabled campus that provided us access to Internet sources in any nook and corner of the college.

On June 5th 2013 apart from usual academic related activities, World environment day observed in the college. The activities were inaugurated by Mr. P Unneen, Managing Director, Shifa Institute of Medical Sciences. A 1000 saplings was Planted in the college campus by both the students & teaching Faculty and Peacock Wally was also Inaugurated the same day.

The college witnessed a Mega Sports and Arts meet in the years 2012& 2014 respectively. Which were in fact the most enjoyable and remarkable days in our college life. Sports meet was held from 25th May-31st May 2012. The active participation of 4th B Pharm, 3rd B Pharm, 1st& 2nd year D Pharm, two M Pharm Batches and teaching faculty made it and awesome event. B Pharm (8th batch) were the Champions followed by B Pharm 9th Batch being runners- up.

Arts meet was held the following year and participation of everyone in the college. Among Pharm D (PB) Batches Pharm D (1st& 2ndBatch) backed the first prize following by B Pharm 9th batch being runners-up. Various personality development classes, 2 day Seminars etc. were conducted every 3-4 Months for the overall development of the students and to shape them in to productive human beings. We also had the chance of attending the ‘Pharmacy Practice Module-series 8thorganised by Al Shifa College of Pharmacy in Association with Indian Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’. It was a very fruitful and educative event that dealt on various aspects of Pharmacy education, Practice, development and scope abroad.

Students are also allowed to go on tours to various famous tourists spots in and around the state.

Though at times, we experience water scarcity and electricity shortage/power cuts, hostel life also is memorable and worthy to be remembered. Various students from the college have been selected as university members for various sport events.

Finally it would be grateful on our part to say that the love/care and concern that we experience in campus and hostel of Al Shifa College of Pharmacy is incomparable. We humbly thank each and every members of the team who make life easy for us here.

- by a student