Drug Information Centre and Patient Counseling Centre.
International Register of Drug Information Services – India.
Registered under The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA)

Established a Drug Information Center (DIC) in  Alshifa hospital, Perintalmanna, kerala, a tertiary level referral hospital in association with the Department of Pharmacy Practice of Al Shifa College of Pharmacy in the year 2009. This DIC is the first of its kind in Malappuram District. Kerala.

The DIC is headed by professionals who carries with them rich experience in the relevant field having  highest academic credentials .Besides imparting the professional education to the PG students specializing Pharmacy Practice, and also for the students undergoing Pharm. D course, the DIC is functioning mainly with an aim at helping all the Consultants and the professionals engaged in the health care sector to know about the new drugs being introduced, their uses, side effects, doses and all specific information about the drugs.

A website for drug information centre has been launched  to mark our presence in the global level. (www.dicalshifa.org)The departments complete activities  have been uploaded in the website and I hope that, this website will be useful in strengthening our efforts for information sharing with all the stake holders.

With great hope and expectation we wish to use this website as a medium for the interaction with the healthcare professionals all over the globe for the welfare of the humanity.  Already the internet is overloaded with drug information it is imperative that to provide quality sources of information through this website and that’s exactly we intent to do.

The goals of Al Shifa - Drug Information Service

  • To provide unbiased, evidence based information that support effective and appropriate medication & disease management.
  • Since DIC is lacking in Malappuram, we are the first one to establish DIC in this District, to provide relevant information to physicians and faculty of the medical academy on evidence-based medicine at their request.
  • Empower patients and health care providers with accurate, timely health information.

 The centre provides information on the following aspects related to drugs,

Newer drugs precautions
Drug interactions Adverse effects
Brand names Pregnancy risk categories
Warnings storage
Dose Indications
Dosage forms Contra indications
Mechanism of action Special Precautions
  • The centre functions from 9. am - 5.00 pm on all days except Sunday.
  • Clinical pharmacists will be available to service you.
  • Kindly avail the facilities. For any queries, please call DIC,


Intercom number : 04933-227616 (Extensions-468)
Email : acpclinicalpharmacy@gmail.com


Resources at Al Shifa Hospital - DIC include

  • National & International Journals
  • An extensive library
  • Onsite databases & references on marketed and investigational drugs and Pharmacy Practice topics
  • Subscription databases

The centre’s drug databases are continuously updated, and its drug information experts can sort through the most current medical literature to provide immediate, patient focused answers to the most complex questions. 

DIC : core hours of operation are

Hours of Operation and Contact Information 
The DIC is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, except legal and university holidays. The center is a part of the Alshifa college  of Pharmacy and is located in third floor of the alshifa hospital building.

How to reach DIC @alshifa:
Alshifa Drug Information Center
Third floor
Alshifa hospital
Phone: 04933-227616 (Extension 468)
E-mail:  acpclinicalpharmacy@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact, if you have any further queries, we always welcome queries.